ultra smooth lip exfoliator

the world's first
phytic acid, PHA & enzymatic lip peeling

High-effective but mild lip peel with phytic acid, PHA and enzymes.

Gently and effectively removes dead skin cells without irritating the lips.

Renews the skin’s surface and significantly reduces the scaliness of the lips, while cleaning deep pores.

Can help to reduce inflammation. Very soft and suitable for dry and sensitive lips.

+ with maltobionic acid, phytic acid and fermented pomegranate enzymes

how to use

In the evening, apply a generous amount with the rolllon or the tip of your fingers also beyond the lip contour.

Leave on for 5-10 minutes (a slight tingling is a desirable).

Wash-off with water.

Then apply ULTRA DEEP REPAIR LIP MASK and leave it on overnight.

Use a maximum of 3 times a week.

key product benefits

According to our international user study, the main benefits of the product are:

our precious raw ingredients

The ULTRA SMOOTH LIP EXFOLIATOR is a world novelty, following the acid and enzymatic skin peel trend transferred to lip care. As a combination of pure organic and scientific ingredients it delivers the most gentle lip peel ever. It removes dead skin cells with its high-complex enzymatic acid formula.

Our precious product contains following ingredients:

phytic acid

fermented pomegranate enzymes

maltobionic acid (PHA)

lip exfoliation effects

Mechanical Peels | Lip Scrubs

Mechanical peels are not recommended for dry lips: abrasion of the horny layer temporarily increases the TEWL as the thin skin of the lips is injured.

Chemical Peels | with acids & enzymes

The baumery ULTRA SMOOTH LIP EXFOLIATOR is a medium-deep peeling that works right into the dermis. Due to the thin skin of the lips, a lower acid concentration of the phytic acid and PHA is sufficient to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Since the molecules of the acids used are very large, they only pass through the horny layer very slowly and do not irritate the skin of the lips.

our product promise

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We love animals and will never test products on them. We only use vegan raw materials for our products - certified by PETA.

High Performance

We combine traditional healing ​formulas with pharmaceutical ​dermatology and the finest, pure ​ingredients.


We use ingredients of natural origin. The NATRUE standard signatur is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics.


We set ourselves very strict ​standards for clean beauty and ​do not use any ingredients that ​are harmful to our bodies and ​our planet.


The paper box is recycled and our packaging is fully recyclable. We make sure to reduce packaging as much as possible.