Real Results

real results. real lips.

All lips around the world are different.

That’s why we tested what works best for all of them.
Our user trial shows an outstanding performance of our innovative, high concentration active ingredients formulas.

A new era of ultra cared lips.

ultra repair lip balm

25 consumers carefully tested the baumery


  • 81% immediate relief of tightness/burning of the lips
  • 81% immediate anti-irritant
  • 86% repairs dry and cracked lip skin
  • 86% makes the lips supple and soft
    86% nourishing and protects against further drying out
  • 90% intensely moisturizing
  • 92% Long-lasting moisture

Before After | Not Retouched

female tester, 32Y, during retinoid acne cure

Before After | Not Retouched

Female Tester, 30Y, extreme ​cracked lips

ultra deep repair
lip mask

25 consumers carefully tested the baumery
ULTRA DEEP ​REPAIR LIP MASK for 1 week (3 times)

  • 90% promotes regeneration of the lips
  • 90% reduces flaking and smoothes the skin
  • 95% immediate & intensive care boost
  • 95% repaired deep into the skin layers
  • 95% nourishes and provides intensive, long-lasting moisture
  • 95% repairs dry and chapped lips overnight
  • 95% improves elasticity and relieves tightness
  • 95% ensures velvety soft and healthy healed lips
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