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To understand lip care, it is necessary to know the dermatological peculiarities of ​this part of the face.

The facial skin is 2 millimeters thick (approx. 16 cell layers), but the lip skin is only ​0.2 mm thick (3-5 cell layers).

The structure of the skin on the face and lips is ​identical, but the lips have no sebaceous glands and therefore no protective lipid ​film to supply them with fat and hydration.

​The skin of the lips only has a very thin layer of horny cells that protect the skin ​from external influences. This thin protective layer makes the lips extremely ​vulnerable. In addition, the dead skin cells in the lips are not so well able to fulfill ​their protective function.

If low humidity or wind and cold also put additional strain on the lips, moisture ​loss occurs. No wonder that the lip area quickly loses moisture and is very ​sensitive.The result: the lips are dry, irritated and chapped.

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Lip Skin

the baumery-complex

The Solution for Dry Lips

The TB complex is the core of our products and has multifaceted effects on ​our lip skin:

On the one hand, it intensively promotes wound healing – as it has an ​antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, repairing and anti-​irritant effect, on the other hand it penetrates into the deeper layers of the ​skin and provides the skin with long-lasting moisture.

For healthy and beautiful lips.


why is the lip skin so particularly sensitive?”

Many people suffer from dry lips, especially in winter season.

The product developer of the baumery explains what you can do about it and how to care for it properly.

Dr. Erika, chemist and developer pharmacy & cosmetics

11 questions to product developer Dr. Erika

1. What is important when developing new products?

It is always a challenge to empathize with the customer and the planned products in order to then develop an active ingredient concept that not only makes sense when combined, but is also emotionally appealing.

Only if the customer really understands the products with head and heart, she can present them authentically. 

2. What was the particular challenge in developing «the baumery» products?

The combination of “effective like pharmaceutical products” and “trustworthy and emotional like natural cosmetics” was the special challenge.

3. How long did it take to develop the three products from briefing to finalizing the formula?

We have currently been working on the development for about 1 year. The implementation in production took a few more weeks. 

4. How did the product development work for «the baumery» ? How does product development work in general?

Based on the briefing, an active ingredient concept was developed for the entire line and then adapted to the individual products. With many laboratory tests, samples are produced to meet the customer’s sensory requirements (various test rounds) and generally meet the stability criteria for cosmetics.

The final check of the recipe takes place after the recipe has been approved by the customer (duration 3-5 months).

5. What is the difference between «the baumery» products and conventional lip care products?

The use of highly effective combinations of active ingredients and trust in nature.

During development, the products were sensorically tested by an international test panel, so that we reached the exceptionally pleasant textures.

6. Which new beauty technologies are used in the three products?

The use of acids and enzymes in lip care is not yet widespread. Conventional products tend to work with scrubs.

7. Can you explain the «the baumery»- complex to us in detail: How is it composed? What is its special effect?

The combination of tolu balm, boswellia green and turmeric oil counteracts inflammation, strengthens the skin barrier and helps to soothe irritated skin.

8. Which other important active ingredients in the three products deliver the outstanding product performance?

High-quality, natural vegetable oils and vegetable butters form the nourishing basis for Lip Balm and Lip Mask. Latest beauty trends like squalane, ceramides, vitamin A and niacinamides are also used in these two products. The innovative maltobionic acid, a particularly mild polyhydroxy acid, is used in the exfoliator.

9. What was the challenge in developing the «Lip Exfoliator», which is an absolute world first?

Since the skin on the lips has a different structure than the rest of the skin, the challenge was to find an outstanding effect with optimal tolerability. Only the combination of fermenting enzymes, phytic acid and maltobionic acid (PHA) achieved the desired result. And of course the taste had to be within an acceptable range, since unnecessary flavorings were avoided in favor of tolerability.

10. How is the development of a lip product different from a face care product?

The skin on the lips is even more sensitive than the skin on the face or body. Minor changes in the formula can be bothersome on the lips, although not felt when tested on the back of the hand.

11. Which of the three products is your favorite and why?

My favorite is the combination of exfoliator and mask in the evening. The exfoliator is a real treatment, you can tell right away that something is working. Then the lip skin needs an extra portion of care. I particularly like the mask because it can be applied so smoothly.

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